4 Beautiful Ads That Capture the Spirit of Diwali 2021

It’s Diwali – My favorite festival time. According to Hindu mythology, it marks the day when Lord Ram, his wife Sita, and younger brother Lakshman returned home in Ayodhya after spending 14 years of exile.

Diwali or Deepavali is a festival symbolizing the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. Not only India, but it is also being celebrated across the world and people decorate their homes with diyas, rangolis, and colorful lights.

It’s the time when people take the time out to reconnect and meet friends and family members and exchange gifts. Each year, Diwali witnesses a large number of people traveling on trains, buses, and flights to celebrate with their parents, siblings, and other family members. Something, similar to Thanksgiving in the USA.

  1. Vivo India Ad: Diwali is a time for family and that’s what is portrayed in this beautiful Ad by Vivo India featuring veteran Bollywood actor Kanwaljit Singh. Watching Kanwaljit’s act makes me feel like going back to those childhood days watching his serial Buniyaad on Doordarshan. In this Vivo Ad, he plays an old father of three who’s trying to cope up alone in this empty huge house as his children are living somewhere else. And the only way to connect with them is through video calls. The Ad titled ‘The Homecoming – The perfect gift for a father this Diwali’ is a well-thought effort by Vivo India in creating a deep emotional connection of its brand with the Indian customers. The Ad got viral everywhere with more than 52 million views on YouTube alone in just 3 days. Watch the video below:
  2. Amazon India has one beautiful ad film which celebrates the warmth of Diwali not just within the family we belong or are born into, but the family we make along life’s path. This Ad shows a son in a bit irritated state having to go out with his mother to deliver some gift in person. And later found that the unknown person was the one who helped save his life during the Covid19 crisis. Social media users were full of praise for the concept and this Ad garnered more than 9 million views in 4 days. Watch the video below:
  3. Diwali is a moment when we celebrate with our loved ones while at the same time missing the ones whom we lost. The idea of loss and loneliness is the theme of RealMe India’s Diwali Ad for 2021. It’s about a boy missing his grandfather on Diwali and how his elder brother leveraged upon the latest technologies to light up the sky with drones and cheer up his little younger brother.Honestly, the first half of the 5 minutes Ad was a bit slow and hard for me to relate to, but overall it was worth watching. This video too got viral and collected 38 million views in just 4 days. Watch the video below:
  4. Diwali is about family getting together and exchanging gifts and if the gift is something which you had desired forever, then the festival becomes a memorable one. This beautiful Ad by L&T Realty features a son who gifts an apartment to his father. And the expression on his father’s face was priceless. This short 1:12 minute video got 2 million views in just 2 days and is indeed worth watching. Watch the video below:




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