Is social media the place for the holiday shopping this season?

Its holiday time again and most of my friends are busy making their plans for the season. Infact, recently I spotted some of my pals keeping a close watch at social media sites where they claim to get some good discount coupons.

Nancy, a friend of mine from Ontario told me recently about the amazing cool discount coupons she received for Christmas Shopping through Twitter.

Social media websites seem to have exploded and the far-reaching effects of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and millions of blogs are just beginning to unveil themselves to us.

Intrepid retailers and zillions of savvy consumers have started to use these tools in their marketing campaigns especially during the holiday seasons. For some of them, it’s their entire process of marketing campaign, since all it costs to maintain a Twitter, Facebook or may be a blog presence is time, rather than investing your hands & legs in one go.

While the majority of retailers still use the traditional theory of e-mail blasts to communicate with their potential customers, but most of them are choosing to announce discounts, deals and sales via Twitter and Facebook.

From customer point of view, Twitter is something like a real-time search engine where they get loads of information related to exclusive deals and discounts every minute of every day. What’s more? You can follow your favorite brands, restaurants and stores to get their deals directly in your account which you can access using your computer, mobile phones and more. Infact, i noticed some of the limited period exclusive promotions are only for the Twitter followers, so you cant get them elsewhere in the internet ?

According to twitter, some of the best hashtags you may use to check out these deals are #discounts, #cybermonday, #coupon, #holidaydeals. If you are looking for something specific, you can try hashtag for the specific product like #iphone . Ummm… I love that!!

If you are still planning to get your online shopping done through Facebook and Twitter, I suggest you better do it now coz Twitter is gets offline on a very frequent basis due to high volume of traffic at its servers. I hope this problem gets solved soon.

Got any other hot tips on stores who promote themselves well via social media? Please share it with me at

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