50 Most Profitable Website Ideas I Have

This post is dedicated to everyone, who is interested to earn money with the help of a website which they want to develop. While working in the world wide web industry for more than 7 years, I’ve been questioned a many number of times if its possible for a single individual person having a couple hundred dollars to earn money on the web. Does this require some good technical skills, marketing mind? Hummm!! Its a simple question but difficult to understand. Infact, there are various websites trying to sell pull some money from its visitors in exchange for these good ideas.. Thats bad!! I dont support it and wont like people to do either.

So here I’m today.. Sharing some ideas that I’ve currently in my mind in order to build a website and to earn money from it..

To start with, i started having an extensive keyword analysis upon some generic terms and found their search rate in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN, then i moved ahead to find some trends in the web using www.google.com/trends .Read some web related magazines and subscribed to techy blogs like mashable.com, techcrunch.com. Joined some communities like seochat.com, webmasterworld.com and ofcourse Yahoo, CNN, BBC etc to get an overall understanding about what people are looking for. Infact, thats what i need to understand.

Once understanding teh market requirement, my target is now to understand the way websites are catering to it. I cant just jump upon having a website related to ‘Paris Hilton’ or ‘David Beckham’ bcoz people are searching for it.. I need to understand if there are some good websites already catering to this demand. If yes, then Its not a good idea for me to venture into it coz my rate of return will be low and will be a time taking process for me to be the No.1 in that market.

Phewwwww!! Sounds bad isnt it?

Dont worry..

The best way is still to come.?

Lets take a small case scenario..

I’m searching for something like ‘wedding’ into Google and find some millions of websites queued for me to watch. This includes some website related to wedding dress, wedding jewelry, wedding decorations, wedding flowers, wedding shoes.. Oh My God!! It would literally take a lifetime to rank in a search engine using the particular search term. No lets search for something specific. It may be wedding songs, wedding makeup and hey!! this time the number of sites in the display at Google is less compared to the previous time. Well Guys!! Hope you get it now. The more specific you search, the less is the competition compared to a short and more generic keyword.

The next thing i did was to create a new combination of previously proven online business models using the help of search engine. Let me explain in details for you to understand… Just imagine a massive list of niche subjects that are proven money makers. Then imagine another huge list of proven online business models. This is where your intelligence and search tools help you to analyze both lists and creates a virtually infinite number of potentially profitable website idea combination’s from these two huge lists.

What I’d like you to do next is to take a look through this list of ideas I’ve got for you below. Then use any one of them as a starting point for your next big online success. When you’ve found what you’re looking for let me know and I’ll help you turn that idea into a big selling website …sound like a plan?

  1. Website about: Facts about WordPress & WordPress Themes.
  2. Website about: Open Source CMS easily available for downloadWebsite about: Selling products about having more fun with video games.
  3. Website about: Writing about Windows XP user tips.
  4. Website about: Facts about being paid to complete online surveys.
  5. Website about: Articles about building clocks.
  6. Website about: Facts about StumbleUpon.
  7. Website about: Blogging about Golf Clubs.
  8. Website about: Cheapest air tickets to travel around the world.
  9. Website about: Audio interviews about gluten free cooking.
  10. Website about: Online videos showing Wedding speeches.
  11. Website about: Webcasts about creating a Forum for profit.
  12. Website about: How to promote landscaping.
  13. Website about: Writing about computer cleaning.
  14. Website about: Articles about creating Podcasts.
  15. Website about: The places you visited recently featuring all the related photos, your experience.
  16. Website about: Online interviews about building your business with Google.
  17. Website about: How to promote digital photo editing.
  18. Website about: Ebooks about business plans.
  19. Website about: Recommending products about Broadband Internet.
  20. Website about: Featuring the latest gadget available in the shop.
  21. Website about: Featuring the latest laptop, their features & prices.
  22. Website about: Articles about computer cleaning.
  23. Website about: Online interviews about living without fear.
  24. Website about: Teleconferences about Choosing a Health Club.
  25. Website about: Insider secrets to Stock options.
  26. Website about: Recommending products about Chinese cooking.
  27. Website about: Webinars about Science Fiction.
  28. Website about: Promoting products about playing a hand of Bridge.
  29. Website about: Tips about fighting spam.
  30. Website about: Promoting products about Determining your perfect heart rate.
  31. Website about: Writing about online games.
  32. Website about: Selling products about job interview answers.
  33. Website about: Product Reviews like desserts, sweets, and something interesting.
  34. Website about: Things that i need to know before buying a flower to gift.
  35. Website about: Online interviews about planning baby showers.
  36. Website about: Some collection of funny photos & videos which you find at sites like YouTube, Metacafe.
  37. Website about: How to promote CSS web design.
  38. Website about: A Guide to meditation.
  39. Website about: Online videos showing buying a car.
  40. Website about: Teleconferences about weight training.
  41. Website about: Webcasts about marketing to Attorneys.
  42. Website about: A Guide to finding fresh website content.
  43. Website about: Tips about winning the Lottery.
  44. Website about: Online interviews about networking.
  45. Website about: Tips about finding cheap airline flights.
  46. Website about: Secrets about DIY detective work.
  47. Website about: A Guide to Social Networking.
  48. Website about: Reviewing products about maximizing Google AdWords revenue.
  49. Website about: DVDs about Soccer.

Does that count 49 Ideas???  Yess!! I’m expecting the last one from your end.

What have you come up with? Have I got you thinking?

All it takes it just 1 single great idea to find the online business success you’re looking for.

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